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Candidate Opportunities

IAC represents clients and opportunities throughout the country to match the RIGHT candidate and their family with the RIGHT opportunity.

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Client Partnerships

IAC is committed to each and every client we partner with because we believe our reputation is one of the most critical elements of our success.

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How We Do It

At Infinity Allied Consulting, we believe the success is in the details. Our process has been designed to put the “full-service” back into recruiting. We do this by providing the highest level of service and detail to our Clients. When you partner with Infinity, you will immediately see what sets us apart from our competitors.

At IAC, we understand the need to hire the right person the first time. Our process is focused in the following 5 areas:

We find 86% of our candidates through direct recruitment, insider referrals and an exhaustive network built from years in this industry. Sure, you can find candidates from job boards or LinkedIn, even we do sometimes. But there’s a reason they’re not our go-to place to look. That’s where everyone else is trying to find people. It’s overfished and poorly populated.

Talk to us about what you really need. We understand the best person for you is more than just qualifications on paper. Being a matchmaker is so much more than that. Let’s find someone who meshes with you and your culture.

Here’s something crazy that recruiters know. If a job isn’t filled within the first three months, it will likely remain open for at least six months or more. Maybe you are already at that point, sitting on a position which has been open too long. Let us help you avoid a three month, or worse yet, six month or longer search.

  • 95% of our candidates accept an extended offer.
  • 92% of the candidates we submit are interviewed by our clients
  • 71% of all searches awarded to us have filled over the last decade

We take time to screen our candidates for not only the hard skills you need, but also the best fit for your team. We prep them on counteroffers, so you are not wasting any time getting the best candidate.

93% of the candidates we place are still with our clients 3 years later. This speaks to the quality and commitment of the talent we find for you, which in turn cuts down on costs associated with having to replace employees. It is no secret that turnover within nursing and advanced practice providers represents a significant cost in a time when every dollar counts.

With our vetting process and success rates, we can help you save a significant amount of money by helping you hire for retention. Simply put, the right candidate stays longer than someone shoved into the role.

Each search presents a unique set of challenges for which you deserve a customized cost solution. We are happy to discuss our cost structure after we’ve spoken at length with you about the search parameters.